PART 6 of 6: Top Homebuying Regrets of Real Homeowners Like You

PART 6 of 6: Plunging Blind into Roommate Wars

Buying a house is stressful, especially for first-timers!

Because most people don’t deal with stress well, they end up making bad decisions just to get them out of the way. These rushed decisions inevitably lead to regrets, but it’s an opportunity to learn for the rest of us. Reddit invited homebuyers to discuss what they regretted most about the process. As a community, several lessons came up again and again. This 6-part special series curates some of their most surprising and helpful real-world advice to use when you buy your home.

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Regret #6: Plunging Blind into Roommate Wars

If you’re moving in with friends or people you haven’t lived with before, make sure you know them well. Moving in with new buddies sound great, but it means you’ll see sides of these people you’ve never seen before. And you might not like what you see!

Roommates can be slobs, have an unreliable source of income, steal your things, be rude to you, or have all kinds of similar problems.

To avoid plunging blindly into a roommate war, consider sharing a 6-month or 1-year rental first, to to experience what it’s truly like to live with them. At the end of the rental, you can both decide whether or not to move forward and sign up for something longer-term together.

It’s a slower approach, but would you rather be trapped in a one-year rental, or a thirty-year mortgage?

There is no online website where you can search up roommate reviews on your own friends and family. Instead, you may want to consider asking them interview questions before you move in together, or set up clear boundaries, expectations and guidelines when you do.

It may be smart to make a list of duties, bills and tasks, and tape it to a wall, for clear communication.

Do you have a roommate horror story? Learn from it!
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