The Elephant in the Room: How to Inspect the Inspector Before Hiring Them!

As part of the home-buying process, the house you’re looking for must be professionally inspected, so the buyers know all of the home’s flaws and/or code violations. It is your right as the home-buyer to be able to choose your own inspector, but the performance of each inspector may vary.

Some inspectors only do enough to make their inspection seem sufficient, and miss critical flaws of the house. Other inspectors will not stop until they have a 30-page report for you, even if the house seemed perfect. In part, this has to do with their knowledge and experience. An inspector with an engineering background will find more to report than an inspector who took a two-week inspection course.

Many realtors will recommend an inspector for you.

Trust the realtors opinion, but remember: they’re trying to get you to buy the house. They don’t want to discourage you and have you retract your offer if a house has too many flaws. Even if your realtor tries to insist on an inspector, the final decision is yours.

Always research the recommended inspector before choosing them.

If you discover negative online reviews about the proposed inspector, don’t be afraid to hire someone other than who your realtor suggested. Your ultimate goal is to find someone with good feedback, who has strong knowledge of past and present codes, and who can help you understand what it will take to fix a flaw or what it will mean if you leave it alone.

NOTE: During the inspection, many inspectors say they cannot move anything inside the house, because of liability issues. So if a large cabinet is blocking the fuse box, they can’t get to it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t! If you break anything, it’s better to pay for the damage than to remain ignorant of a critical problem. The last thing you need on move-in day is a nasty surprise!

And after the inspection is done, don’t be afraid to ask them questions about repairs and remodeling. They are there to help, so use their expertise to the fullest!


How to Inspect the Inspector

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