Three Surprisingly Profitable Home Renovation Projects You Should Spend Money On

When it comes time to sell your home, you may want to think about making some improvements first. While most improvements will not create a return on your investment, there are some that will. They will help your house sell faster, and for a higher price.

Here are three home improvements that will add value to your home:

1. Supersize the Kitchen


The kitchen is the one room in the house that attracts the most attention from buyers. It is the one room in the house used the most extensively, every day. If there are problems with it beyond a little dirt and grime, you may want to consider improvement. Especially if:

  • Your appliances are outdated
  • You do not have much counter space
  • You do not have much storage space
  • The cabinets or floor are in need of repair
  • There isn’t proper ventilation or lighting

Adding space, lighting, or ventilation will improve your kitchen; it should not be one of the smallest rooms in your home. It will impress prospective buyers.

2. Better B’s

When people look at homes, what’s the first thing they notice in the listing? The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, of course. That’s part of the first impression your house makes, and as everyone knows, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Often, prospective buyers will make the decision to look at your home on that information alone. If you need three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it’s what you need.

If you have any spare rooms, converting them into a bedroom will be your best option for resale. If you have a finished basement, consider putting a bathroom down there so people don’t have to walk upstairs and hold their bladders at the same time.

Strange as that may seem, buyers do think about those kinds of things.

3. Amplify the Electric

Often, older homes have 100 amps of electricity. But these days, since we use so much more energy, 100 amps isn’t enough anymore. Upgrading it to 200 would be a smart choice.

Some older homes also only have two-prong outlets. Consider upgrading to three-prong, as well as adding more outlets in general. This can make a room more viable as “space,” as it can be used as anything from an office, to a bedroom, to a playroom for the kids. If you have ever needed more outlets than you had, you know how much of a pain it is to reach behind heavy furniture trying to get one.

While those three renovation ideas will be beneficial, be careful; some “improvements” can make your home sell for thousands less. See three examples here.

Also remember: your home is your home, not the next person’s. Don’t get so focused on making a profit that you forget to enjoy it yourself, or else you’ll end up living with plastic wrap on all the furniture.

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