PART 2 of 6: Top Homebuying Regrets of Real Homeowners Like You

PART 2 of 6: The Runaway Remodel

Buying a house is stressful, especially for first-timers!

Because most people don’t deal well with stress, they end up making bad decisions just to get them out of the way. These rushed decisions inevitably lead to regrets, but it’s an opportunity to learn for the rest of us. Reddit invited homebuyers to discuss what they regretted most about the process. As a community, several lessons came up again and again. This 6-part special series curates some of their most surprising and helpful real-world advice to use when you buy your home.

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Regret #2: The Runaway Remodel

Thousands of people each year are buying homes they intend to remodel. In many cases, they aren’t aware of the valuable resources available. When it comes to remodelling, the most underused resource is the home inspector.

A good inspector can give you solid, credible advice about remodelling. Even if it seems obvious, tell the inspector about your renovation plans. This will help them to clarify details on the inspection report, and suggest good contractors to help you.

Sometimes, certain things need to be fixed before other projects can be started.

For instance, older houses may have support beams which don’t meet modern standards. Major structural components must be addressed before starting smaller, less-invasive remodelling projects, such as replacing the kitchen appliances or expanding a closet. A generous inspector may even help you map out your entire remodelling sequence, and open your eyes to the true scope of work required to bring your dream home to life.

If you get the sequence wrong, and you waste time and money!

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