PART 4 of 6: Top Homebuying Regrets of Real Homeowners Like You

PART 4 of 6: One Small Step for your Furniture…

Buying a house is stressful, especially for first-timers!

Because most people don’t deal with stress well, they end up making bad decisions just to get them out of the way. These rushed decisions inevitably lead to regrets, but it’s an opportunity to learn for the rest of us. Reddit invited homebuyers to discuss what they regretted most about the process. As a community, several lessons came up again and again. This 6-part special series curates some of their most surprising and helpful real-world advice to use when you buy your home.

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Regret #4: One Small Step for your Furniture…

It’s a terrible feeling: after months of planning and excitement, you finally reach move-in day and bring your furniture in, only to find it doesn’t fit! If you suddenly have to trade your old furniture for smaller pieces, it’s a huge hassle. Even worse, the old pieces might end up sitting in storage, racking up expensive storage fees, while you find and buy replacements. It’s not unusual for even small storage spaces to cost $30-$200 per month, not to mention the additional expense of covers, bubble wrap, boxes and locks you’ll need to keep your items protected.

The worst part is, you could have avoided it.

Some unoccupied houses have staged furniture, to make it easy to imagine living in it. Don’t trust the dimensions of these pieces; they were designed to fit in this specific house. Your furniture was not. Take the time to record accurate measurements long before you move in, so you have time to buy new furniture if you need to.

This is especially true if you’re downsizing into a postage-stamp condo. Beware the furniture impact of a tiny space!

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